Sea Fox (Schooner)

An 89-foot, two-masted schooner built in Essex in 1889. John A. Matheson held the controlling interest of 13/16ths. The master, Alexander “Alec” Kemp, held a 1/16th share. Her misadventures in the winter of 1895 under Captain Manuel “Roll-Down” Caton were described by Josef Berger — writing pseudonymously as Jeremiah Digges — in his 1941 book, In Great Waters: The Story of the Portuguese Fishermen, page 128. In the 1900 season, traveled to the Grand Banks once under Captain Kemp. Noted in 1906 Schooner Records, available as a PDF file from the Provincetown History Preservation Project. Noted by Berger at page 138.

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