Shirley & Roland

A 60-foot dragger built in 1945 for Capt. Ferdinand R. “Fred” Salvador and his brother Louis A. Salvador at the William Edgar John shipyard in Rye, N.Y. She was a sister of the Pilhasca and the Sonya. Fred Salvador, a native of Olhao, Portugal, was a leading fisherman from the 1920s through the 70s. With Louis, he operated the Shirley & Roland and the Stella. He also skippered the C. R. & M. (later, the Nancy & Debbie) and the Michael Ann (later the Chico-Jess.)

The Shirley & Roland participated in the first Blessing of the Fleet in 1948. A decade later, her crew included Louis Salvador, 11 Johnson Street; Ralph Andrews, 231 Bradford Street; Clement Silva, 557 Commercial Street; and Edward “Babe” Carreiro, 23 Mechanic Street (of Tip for Tops’n fame). At one time, before he bought the Bay of Isles, Bernard “Sonny” Roderick Jr. was a crewman aboard the Shirley & Roland. She remained active at least until the early 1980s, showing up in the 1981 Blessing of the Fleet program and on the 1983 roster, too.

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