A 291-foot, diesel-powered excursion liner that served the Boston-Provincetown Steamship Company in the summers of 1949 and 1950, replacing the Steel Pier and shuttling twice a day between Town Wharf and Foster’s Wharf in Boston. She had been christened the Virginia Lee, and was briefly named the Provincetown before being renamed Holiday, the “Queen of Massachusetts Bay.” A competitive fight loomed in 1951 between B. B. Wills, who owned the Holiday, and the Wilson Line, operators of the Boston Belle, which sought to operate over the same route and wanted the lease for the same prime berth at Town Wharf. (Wills had operated the Chauncey M. Depew and would go on to operate the District of Columbia.) The battle was resolved quickly in May when the Holiday was purchased by the Virginia Ferry Corporation and taken out of Cape Cod service. Sound like a convenient resolution? It was — for the Pennsylvania Railroad, overlords both of Virginia Ferry and the Wilson Line, whose Boston Belle won the day.

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