Nancy & Debbie

Formerly the C. R. & M. Described by The Advocate in 1951, when it was the C. R. & M., as “one of Provincetown’s largest draggers.” Ferdinand R. “Fred” Salvador, a native of Olhao, Portugal, was a leading fisherman from the 1920s through the 70s. With his brother, Louis A. Salvador, he operated the Shirley & Roland and the Stella. He also skippered the C. R. & M., named for his children, Carol Ann (Salvador) Silva, Richard Salvador and Michael Salvador; and the Michael Ann, which was still working in 2007 – the oldest wood-hulled boat in the town fleet – as the Chico-Jess. Richard and Michael fished with him, as did his stepson Anthony R. Leonard. As the Nancy & Debbie, it was owned by Amelia C. Silva and captained by Alfred Silva. Silva was accused in 1962 of fishing illegally within the three-mile limit (his crew at the time included Robert T. Silva, Kenneth J. Silva, Robert Perry and Martin P. Doyle III) but was found innocent. Silva was accused in 1964 with dragging in restricted waters (crew: Kenneth J. Silva, Robert T. Silva, Richard C. Oldenquist and Lawrence A. Greeley) but was found innocent.

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