Annie C. Perry

Hard to believe from our generally insular ignorance of history, but this schooner was a casualty of a German submarine attack during the closing months of World War I, 3 August 1918, as noted by Josef Berger — writing pseudonymously as Jeremiah Digges — in his 1941 book, In Great Waters: The Story of the Portuguese Fishermen, page 244-245. She was built in 1903. Noted in 1906 Schooner Records, available as a PDF file from the Provincetown History Preservation Project. Built especially for Capt. Marion A. Perry and named after his infant daughter. With this vessel, Perry “took his place among the big ‘killers’ of the banks fishery,” said Berger at page 202. Perry’s next command would be named for his wife: the Rose Dorothea. Capt. Manuel (Inacio) Enos, of 36 Pleasant Street, also commanded her.

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