130 Route 6

130 Route 6, Provincetown (2010), by David W. Dunlap. 
Clapps Pond-Duck Pond Conservation Area

A 68-acre freshwater wetland between Clapps Pond and Duck Pond, owned by the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, is a “passive recreational area with great walking trails,” the town says on its Web site. The vestige of Evans Field, 244 Route 6, falls within this area.

“It is largely unmanaged,” the town says. “No parking is provided at the site, and it has become an unauthorized ‘transfer station’ for old tires, mattresses and other trash. … Off-road vehicle riding, particularly motorcross cycles, for the past 20 years has impacted wetland quality. Bonfires and illegal camping at the west end of Clapps Pond have persisted.”

A large notch cut through the middle of the conservation area accommodates the town’s wastewater plant, 200 Route 6. • MapAssessor’s Online Database PDF ¶ Posted 2013-08-16

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