5 Snow Street

5 Snow Street, Provincetown (1976), by Josephine Del Deo. Massachusetts Historical Commission Inventory, 1973-1977: Provincetown's East End. Courtesy of the Provincetown Public Library. 
"The Oldest House in Provincetown," by Wallace Basford. Outer Cape Auctions.Once owned by the artist Wallace Bassford (1900-1998), a native of St. Louis who lived and worked in this town and in New York City. Rest of the entry to be written.

2 thoughts on “5 Snow Street

  1. Bravissimo! Love your work. One comment, if I may: your older entries had convenient links for “map” and “tax assessor info,” while the newer entries do not. I miss them. Again, brilliant work!

    • Thank you so much for these very kind words — wind in my sails.

      All of the Web entries from Ship’s Way Road through Young’s Court will be extremely truncated, in order to give me time to prepare a book version of Building Provincetown. Once the book is done, I’m going to come back and add the links you speak of, and many others. I’ll also keep expanding, renewing and correcting entries in the months and years ahead.

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