6 Sandy Hill Lane

6 Sandy Hill Lane, Provincetown (2013), by David W. Dunlap.Gull’s Nest Condominium (Former Gull’s Nest Motel)

Sandy Hill Lane is a small enclave on the far side of Route 6. By far the largest building on the private way is No. 6. It is a classic roadside motel, a shallow V that conforms to the northeast and southeast lot lines, allowing the maximum open space as a common front yard. It was torched in 2001 by arsonists who used this crime — unsuccessfully — to divert the authorities’ attention from their real goal: to rob the Seamen’s Bank at 56 Shank Painter Road. The condo was developed in 2008 by Geraldine K. Anathan and Cassandra Benson. The 12 units range from 430 to 987 square feet. • MapAssessor’s Online Database PDF, Unit 1 of 12 ¶ Updated 2013-09-03

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