10 Prince Street

10 Prince Street, Provincetown (2008), by David W. Dunlap. 
10 Prince Street, Provincetown (2013), by David W. Dunlap.                                                                                                                                                            (Former) Burr’s Barber Shop

In my walks through town, I’ve noticed a small cohort of truly neighborhood beauty salons and barber shops (most of them, unhappily, now shuttered). I imagine that these were welcome oases from the craziness downtown; places where old friends could reminisce and kvetch among themselves without much bother from tourists and wash-ashores. The property at 10 Prince Street included a main house and a garage that fronted on Cudworth Street. This was transformed into Burr’s Barber Shop, operated by Gordon H. Ferreira (1940-2011), the son of Jessie Ferreira (b 1916) and Rosemarie F. “Rose” Ferreira (b 1915), who lived here; and a grandson of Antone Ferreira (b ±1913), of 30 Pleasant Street. (You can imagine how eager I am to learn why a barber shop run by the Ferreira family was called Burr’s.)

Jesse, himself a barber, and Rose bought the property in 1950 from Velma M. Perry. They conveyed it in 1989 to their children, Gordon Ferreira and Arlene M. (Ferreira) Whittaker. After Gordon’s death, Arlene and Gordon’s widow, Beverly A. (Cook) Ferreira, sold the property in 2012 to James D. Savko of Winter Park, Fla., the developer of 50 Pleasant Street. Savko then expanded the house. • Map, main house • Map, barber shop • Historic District Survey, main house • Historic District Survey, barber shop • Historic District Survey, shed • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2013-07-27

2 thoughts on “10 Prince Street

  1. I believe Jesse Ferreira had the nickname of “Burr.” In The Advocate archives, there are references to a Jesse “Burr” Ferreira.

    Maybe he had a rough edge.

    • Denise, trust you to find the answer — and offer a wry annotation in the bargain. Thank you.

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