17 Pearl Street

17 Pearl Street, Provincetown (2011), by David W. Dunlap.17 Pearl Street Condominium

Not in some raging Grand Banks storm aboard the schooner Mary P. Goulart, but “on a sea as calm as a mill pond,” aboard the dragger Amelia R., John Ferreira (±1887-1937) died suddenly at the age of 50. Ferreira had been born in São Miguel, the Azores, and was described by The Provincetown Advocate at the time of his death as “one of the veterans of the fishing fleet.” Among his survivors were his wife, Mary C. Ferreira (±1884-1953). Her children — Ferreira’s stepchildren — included Joseph L. Cordeiro, James J. Cordeiro and Mary C. Cordeiro.

This property was a Cordeiro family stronghold at least through the 1960s, when it was occupied by James’s son Neil Cordeiro (b ±1937), who ran Neil’s Gulf Service Station at 130 Bradford Street; his wife, Rachel M. Cordeiro (b ±1938); and their children, Darlene (b 1958), Michele (b 1959), Mark (b 1960) and Mary Lou (b 1963).

The mid-19th-century house and neighboring cottage were subsequently converted into a three-unit condo. • Historic District Survey, main house • Historic District Survey, shack • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 1 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 2 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 3 ¶ Posted 2013-06-02

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