20 Race Road

No picture yet.Race Road Condominium

Emma L. (Smith) Marshall (b ±1893), who grew up at 11 Pleasant Street, and her husband, Joseph A. Marshall (b ±1894), together ran the Fishermen’s Market at 128 Bradford Street. In 1952, they bought a number of properties, including this cluster of four buildings, from John Agna. Emma’s great-niece, Wendy Hankins, told me in 2013 that Bette Davis had stayed here in her youth. (Among the places where Davis was supposed to have appeared was the Barnstormers’ Theater, 27A Bradford Street.)

In 1967, the Marshalls sold the group to Patricia Shultz who, with Lenore H. Ross, redeveloped it in 1985 as a seven-unit condo. • MapAssessor’s Online Database, Unit 1 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 2 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 3 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 4 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 5 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 6 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 7 ¶ Posted 2013-08-13

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