33 Nickerson Street

33 Nickerson Street, Provincetown (2012), by David W. Dunlap. 
Mary Agnes Salvador (Beck), Long Pointer 1967. Courtesy of the Provincetown History Preservation Project.“The grand dame of Veterans Memorial Elementary School,” was how Pru Sowers described first-grade teacher Mary Agnes (Salvador) Beck (b 1949), when she retired after 39 years working in the Provincetown schools; beginning not long after this Long Pointer portrait was taken in 1967. (Pru Sowers, “Fabulous Five Long-Time Teachers Retiring in Provincetown,” The Provincetown Banner/Wicked Local, 18 June 2010.) She lives here with her husband, Eric Beck (b 1948). The records show that in 1950, George S. Ramos, whose family owned the property at 32 Nickerson, applied for a liquor license for the Barn Club at this address. Perhaps the unusual name paid tribute to the abutting barn at 31 Nickerson. In any case, the selectmen refused. Maybe it had to do with scaring the horses. • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2013-05-22

2 thoughts on “33 Nickerson Street

  1. Eric Beck, the husband of Mary Beck, was also a science teacher in Provincetown High School for 33 years before retiring in 2006.

    Mary and Eric bought 33 Nickerson Street from Helen Chan in 1974. The property was once part of 31 Nickerson and was turned into a home by Ralph Carpenter, builder of Delft Haven [7 Commercial and 10 Commercial].

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