34B Pearl Street

34B Pearl Street, Provincetown (2012), by David W. Dunlap. 
34B Pearl Street, Provincetown.34B Pearl Street Condominium

This three-building complex sits in the middle of the small private cul-de-sac that doglegs off Pearl Street. It is anchored by a large, gambrel-roofed house that was for many years the home of Manuel V. Raymond (b 1893), a carpenter who was especially active in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and his wife, Marion V. Raymond (b 1905), who was a perennial leader in the March of Dimes campaigns against polio. Mrs. Raymond purchased the first of two parcels that composed this property in 1928. In 1992, she transferred title to 34B Pearl to her daughters Beatrice R. Crawley of Provincetown and Paula M. Smith of Hyannis. The condo was created in 1998.

The main house was evidently constructed in 1931. Alan Emtage, one of the unit owners, told me in 2013 that the Raymonds’ house had been constructed either from a Sears, Roebuck kit or as a Liberty kit house. “As you mention, Mr. Raymond was a carpenter, so he customized it by adding molding and so on to his taste but, the basic structure was bought just towards the end of their manufacturing these pre-fabricated houses. It looks a lot like this. (Windows have been moved.) We’re trying to locate a stamp on some of the timber to nail this down, if you’ll pardon the pun.”

Alan Emtage. Courtesy of Alan Emtage.Emtage (b 1964) and Mark F. Carpenter, a good friend since their days together at McGill University, own a cottage that Raymond built for his daughter. It is pictured below. Emtage, who was born in Barbados and earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at McGill, is given credit — with J. Peter Deutsch and Bill Heelan — for having created what was the first search engine in 1990. It was called Archie (“archive” without the “v”) because it was capable of indexing the archives kept when files were exchanged from to computer to computer. He now oversees programming and content management at Mediapolis, an interactive media company based in New York that specializes in building Web sites for its clients.

The third residential unit was originally a garage for the Raymonds’ compound, but may always have had living quarters in its attic space.

34B Pearl Street, Provincetown (2010), by David W. Dunlap. 

Historic District Survey, main house • Historic Building Survey, Unit 2 • Historic Building Survey, Unit 3 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 1 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 2 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 3 ¶ Updated 2013-06-16

4 thoughts on “34B Pearl Street

  1. Rebecca Dinger is also a Raymond daughter. When I owned the main house (of the three 34B units) I needed a trash removal service and used Rebecca’s company “Dandy Dinger” for that service. She let me know that she had grown up in the house.

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