4 Prince Street

4 Prince Street, Provincetown (2008), by David W. Dunlap.Crowne Pointe Historic Inn & Spa (Captain’s House)

Since 2000, this house has been an annex to the Crowne Pointe, 78-82 Bradford Street. It was built by Joseph Enos Brown, whose father, Joseph Flores, had been a whaler. Brown married Julia Almeida. Julia’s sister, Mary (Almeida) Mello (±1874-1966), also lived here. Arthur Joseph “Brownie” Brown (1911-2004), the son of Joseph and Julia, and Arthur’s wife, Evelyn “Evie” (Bradley) Brown (b 1905) are most closely associated with this house. “Brownie,” an accountant and retired stock broker, served on the town’s Finance Committee (Fin Com). “Evie” had worked as an executive secretary for General Electric. (“Arthur J. Brown, 93,” The Provincetown Banner, 27 May 2004.) I’m not sure yet how the Crowne Pointe came to call this unit the “Captain’s House,” unless it was because that sounded a little more romantic than the “Certified Public Accountant’s House.” • MapHistoric District SurveyAssessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2013-07-27

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