15 Mechanic Street

15 Mechanic Street, Provincetown (2011), by David W. Dunlap. 
Keith Bergman, from his LinkedIn profile.Gull Condominium

Frederic C. Ambrose created the Gull Realty Trust in 1985 and two years later this property was converted by Gull Realty into a four-unit condo. This was the home of Town Manager Keith Bergman (b 1957), Provincetown’s chief executive officer from 1990 to 2007, who had come to the Cape from three years as town administrator of Scituate. “No one has neutral feelings about Keith Bergman,” Pru Sowers wrote in The Provincetown Banner as he was stepping down after 17 years, “ending an era — some have termed it a dynasty — for both the man and the town. Like or dislike him, or perhaps a little of both, Bergman’s tenure, the longest of any of Provincetown’s municipal managers, has touched everyone in town.” (Pru Sowers, “A Laudable Legacy,” The Provincetown Banner, 12 April 2007.)

Bergman said in an interview with The Cape Cod Times (posted on Provincetown Journal) that his proudest achievement was transferring the operation of the Cape End Manor, 100 Alden Street, from the Town of Provincetown to Deaconess Abundant Life Communities in 2006. But he allowed that the long term had taken its toll, at least of his political capital. “Every time you make a tough decision someone’s happy, someone’s unhappy,” he told Eric Williams. “Over time, the number of unhappy people outnumbers the others, and then you get to move on and start with a clean slate. That’s sort of what the dynamic of being a town manager is.” At this writing, in 2013, Bergman is the town administrator of Littleton, Mass., to which he decamped after his long days ended here.

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