6 Johnson Street

6 Johnson Street, Provincetown (2012), by David W. Dunlap. 
Long Point View House

Offering “Apartments – Rooms – Showers,” the Long Point View Guesthouse was one of the longest-running accommodations under the same proprietorship in town: an astonishing 55 years. Built in the 1870s or 1880s in the Second Empire style, it was purchased in 1946 and run by Leona L. (Corea) Mendes (1918-2009), a namesake of the dragger Leona & Gabriel. Her husband, John Deus Mendes (d 1981), was the captain of the boat, which he renamed Dolora M., after their daughter. Their other children were Paul C. Mendes and John Mendes.

After Mrs. Mendes closed up the house in 2001, she moved to a family compound at 45-55 Captain Bertie’s Way, where she lived with her brother, John C. Corea, and her son Paul. (“Leona L. Mendes, 91,” The Provincetown Banner, 14 May 2009.)

The house was purchased in 2001 by Cassandra Benson, a real estate agent. She and Mary Alice Wells applied in 2007 for a new lodging license for the Long Point View House. • Historic district surveyAssessor’s online database ¶ Updated 2013-02-16

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