6 Montello Street

6 Montello Street, Provincetown (2012), by David W. Dunlap. 
Edith Mae Sawyer (Roderick). 1943 Long Pointer. Courtesy of the Provincetown History Preservation Project.From 1968 to 1975, Edie’s Coffee Locker at 293 Commercial Street was a popular place to go, with a reputation far larger than its tiny size. Its namesake, Edith Mae (Sawyer) Roderick (1925-2000), lived here with her husband, David W. Roderick (1924-1992). She is pictured at left in the Long Pointer of 1943, when she graduated from Provincetown High School. She married Mr. Roderick, then a fisherman, two years later. Residents and tourists would have seen Mrs. Roderick all over town through the years, as a cashier at the Mayflower Café, the Viking restaurant and Paparazzi’s, and as the deli manager at the A. & P. She also fixed desserts for the Provincetown Soup Kitchen and the Provincetow AIDS Support Group. At Edie’s, she was the lunch and dinner chef.

Ida Roderick (Crocker), 1933 Long Pointer. Courtesy of the Provincetown History Preservation Project.In 1945, David’s sister, Ida Lucinda (Roderick) Crocker (1916-2011), pictured at left, and her husband, Lieut. Edward D. Crocker (d 1979) of the Navy, transferred title in 6 Montello Street to her parents, Stephen C. Roderick (b ±1898), and Lucinda S. Roderick (b ±1900), of 6 Whorf’s Court. The house was also used by Stephen C. Roderick Jr. (b ±1921), a fisherman and a sibling of David and Ida. Title was transferred in 1956 from Lucinda to her son David and his wife Edith.

Edith Roderick owned the property until 1999, shortly before her death, when she sold it to Robert E. Morris Jr. and his partner of the time, former Rep. Steven C. Gunderson (b 1951) of Wisconsin, the first openly gay Republican Congressman and the only Republican in Congress to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. Morris bought out Gunderson in 2004 and sold the property in 2008 to Thomas J. Guerin (b 1961), who sold it three years later to Jody L. Blakeway (b 1954). • Historic District SurveyAssessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2013-05-09

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