11 Franklin Street

11 Franklin Street, Provincetown (2008), by David W. Dunlap. 
The house dates at least to 1836, according to Historic District Survey research by Tom Boland. The house was in the Silva family for at least 90 years until Stephen L. Fletcher and Michael Walden purchased it in 1996.

Fletcher is a partner in the Boston auction and appraisal house Skinner Inc., its chief auctioneer, its executive vice president and its director of American furniture and decorative arts. He and Walden also own the abutting lot at 15 Franklin, which makes for an abundant side yard around this exquisitely restored eggnog-yellow gem.

Historic District Survey, main house • Historic District Survey, shed • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Updated 2013-01-15

6 thoughts on “11 Franklin Street

  1. My name is Michael Walden, and I am Steve Fletcher’s partner.

    We did purchase the house at 11 Franklin Street in 1996, and have been doing our best to restore it over the last 17 years. Although this is a very nice write-up about the house, some of the information is inaccurate. The Ross Moffett photo actually shows the house that was at 15 Franklin Street. That was owned by the Brown family, and was condemned, and taken down sometime in the ’80s.

    If you look closely at the Moffett photo, you will actually see our house to the right. When we restored the house, we found plenty of evidence that the house had been a three-quarter Cape all along. In fact, Steve had a house call at the Oscar Rodgers house, the three-quarter Cape behind the “oldest” house, which is pretty well preserved in its original state, and we found that it had the exact proportions and set-up of the interior of our house.

    Not a real easy way to live in our modern society, but interesting to discover.

  2. If I may ask, how long has the charming half Cape shown in the “Ross Moffett photo” been gone that once sat cheek-to-jowl to the left facing Messrs. Fletcher and Walden’s three-quarter Cape? It looks like it was a gem. To the best of my knowledge there are very few (if any) half Capes in Provincetown. I could easily be mistaken.

    • I’m afraid I don’t yet know when the Franklin Street half Cape was razed. But you’re right: it left few, if any, survivors.

  3. I am married to the person (Silva) whose ancestors lived here. I am trying to confirm if this picture is of the house at #11 or not. We would love to see what it looks like. Thank you for your help!

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