27B Conwell Street

27B Conwell Condominium

This is the other half of the first project by Edward “Ted” Malone and his Community Housing Resource company (see 34-36 Conwell): a condo with four residential units and accessory artist studios, designed by [Architect?] and completed in 1997. The photographer Paul Cezanne (b 1960), lives at No. 27B and — as if to derail an impending joke that he’s heard one too many times — he can be found on the Web through the U.R.L. “not the dead Paul Cezanne.”

Cezanne’s work includes “We Won the Cold War,” a gallery of pictures taken at the abandoned North Truro Air Force Station. “I see lights, colors, and shadows,” Cezanne says. “I see processes. And I record them, because art is simply focused seeing.” He is represented by the Charles-Baltivik Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

Cezanne said he was told by a grandson of the longtime owners that there used to be an auto-repair garage on this property.

The property has a darker and tragic side, too. On 25 October 2003, Timothy Maguire, 36, was killed here by Nathaniel J. Miksch, 28. Maguire was strangled in his bedroom. His body was stuffed into a closet. Miksch was convicted of second-degree murder in Barnstable Superior Court in 2006, after a trial in which troubling details surfaced. (Mary Ann Bragg, “Witness Testimony Lays Out Timeline of Murder,” The Banner, 9 March 2006.) The conviction was upheld in 2008. The impact of the case on Provincetown’s gay community — and on its relations with the rest of the town — was explored by Tim McCarthy in the 2010 documentary, Meth + Murder in Ptown; Isn’t That What Poetry Is About?, the subtitle coming from a poem by Stanley Kunitz. It can be seen on Vimeo.

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