29 Conwell Street

Maryrose House

We’re entering Roderick territory. This large family — Rodrigo in Portuguese — has many branches in town. The house, built in 1948, was home to Charles J. Roderick (1925-2008), a carpenter, and his wife, Mary E. Roderick (b ±1928). Charles was the son of John Jason Roderick Jr. (1894-1955) and Rose E. (Nunes) Roderick (1888-1975). Rob Jason (b 1963), who has owned the property since 2003, gave it the lovely name of Maryrose.

“I took the name of Charlie Roderick’s late wife, Mary, and the name of Charlie’s late mother, Rose — put them together and the name was born,” Jason told me in 2012. “Charlie loved it!” Jason, who is half Portuguese, takes credit for the large flag that so proudly adorns one side of the house. The Jason family sold the property to the Rodericks, and then the Rodericks sold to Rob Jason, whose uncle Reggie lived at 11 Conwell.

Charles Roderick’s siblings were Raymond J. Roderick (1920-1984), who married Dolores C. Lema (1933-2012); John Jason Roderick III (1921-2004), who married Marguerite A. Enos (1925-1998); Marian Roderick (b ±1923); James J. Roderick (1924-2001), who married Joan Fitzpatrick; and Manuel J. Roderick (1928-1987). His children included Charles J. Roderick (b ±1948) and Michael Roderick (b 1954). • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Updated 2012-11-23

5 thoughts on “29 Conwell Street

  1. Although Charlie Roderick built this house, I don’t believe he was known as a carpenter by trade. Charlie Roderick owned the septic pumping business that predated James W. Roderick Rubbish Removal and Septic.

    Also, the land was owned by my Uncle Reggie’s grandparents (who owned all the land from at least 11 Conwell Street, right across what is now Route 6), then later by his parents. Reggie Jason told me that there was a horse barn where my house stands today.

    My Uncle Reggie is a walking history book when it comes to Provincetown. He was born on Pearl Street.

  2. Charles Roderick owned a septic business. However, it did not predate James J. Roderick. The two companies ran simultaneously until Charlie Roderick retired.

  3. Yes, thanks, Steve! I stand corrected and appreciate knowing the facts. I wish I knew more about my house, etc. Old photos are what I’d really love to see, from horse barn forward.

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