3 Court Street

With its deep front porch and austere Federal massing, this house from the early 19th century just looks like it would have been the home of someone important. And so it was: Judge Walter Welsh (1869-1933) was a justice of the Second District Court in Barnstable, from 1910/14 until his death, whose rulings touched hundreds of Provincetown lives. He was also a founder of the local council of the Knights of Columbus, 277 Commercial Street, which was named in his honor seven months after his death.

Annie (Cook) Welsh (±1870-1947), whose parents had come to the United States from São Jorge in the Azores, remained here until her death. Their son, Judge Robert A. Welsh, lived in one of the grandest houses of the East End, 554 Commercial Street; more prepossessing than 3 Court Street, though less charming in the bargain. No. 3 is now the home of Philip D. Scholl (b 1947), an agent with Kinlin Grover Real Estate, and Scott E. Powell (b 1959), an artist. • Historic District SurveyAssessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2012-11-26

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