37 Conwell Street

Much larger than it appears from Conwell Street, the Roderick family compound extends more than 600 feet and embraces three main houses, each a condominium unit itself. Closest to the road is Unit 3, pictured, owned by Paul D. Roderick (b 1963), a laborer; midway along the property, Unit 2 is owned by Keith A. Roderick (b 1959), a courier, and his wife, Karen A. Roderick (b 1960), an insurance broker; and Unit 1, at the farthest end of the property, is owned by Dolores C. Roderick (b 1933), and her son [?], Christopher N. Roderick (b 1966), a laborer. • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 1 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 2 • Assessor’s Online Database, Unit 3 ¶ Posted 2012-11-14

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