38 Conwell Street

Yardarm Liquors

The sun is always over the yardarm somewhere in the world. In Provincetown, it’s at 38 Conwell. Yardarm Liquors was incorporated in 1957 and run for many years by Jeanne M. Gainey (1929-2011) of Truro. Her son, John Gainey, was a part owners for a couple of decades before assuming full control in the late ’90s, after which he also purchased the Truro Package Store on Route 6 from the Duarte family, renaming it the Pamet Valley Package Store. (Kaimi Lum, “Package Store Sale Is Big News in Pamet Valley,” The Banner, 21 September 2000.) • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2012-11-14

2 thoughts on “38 Conwell Street

  1. Yardarm liquors opened on Conwell Street in 1978. Originally, the corporation operated on [362] Commercial Street as Tarvers Package Store. Jack and Jeanne Gainey had retired to Truro and started their second careers as retailers. Prior to the Yardarm opening, the property was owned by Joe and Natalie Roderick. Natalie ran a ceramics studio out of part of the house. Joe’s father owned and operated the original Rod’s Service Station next door.

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