4 Fishburn Court

"Site Plan, Existing Conditions, 24 Pearl Street, 4 Foshburn Court and 6 Fishburn Court," Prepared for Fine Arts Work Center by Felco, Inc.Fine Arts Work Center

Though this house has a Fishburn Court address, it is really part of the Fine Arts Work Center campus at 24 Pearl Street. This property and the abutting 6 Fishburn Court are both owned by the center and back on to the garden behind the Stanley Kunitz Common Room. This was for a long time the home of the Segura family. Capt. Francis L. Segura (b 1916) was the skipper of the Plymouth Belle. He he was badly injured in 1952 as a piece of wreckage pulled up in the dragger’s net broke through and struck him on the head. His wife, Mary J. Segura (b 1919), was a bookkeeper. The Segura family sold the property in 1983 to Marjorie and Leo A. Childs III, from whom it was transferred in 1988 to the Fine Arts Work Center. • Historic District SurveyAssessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2012-12-22

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