43 Court Street

43 Court Street, Provincetown (2011), by David W. Dunlap. 
43 Court Street, Provincetown (2011), by David W. Dunlap.Cape Cod Excavating

I don’t know that I’d want to live next to Cape Cod Excavating (actually, its owners have rendered the point moot by doing so themselves), but I do know that its presence in the heart of town — a living reminder of the industrial past — is one of the last remaining bulwarks against the complete cute-ification of Provincetown. According to a capsule history on the company’s Web site, the business was established by James M. Silva in the 1930s. In 1958 alone, it handled the excavation for the new A&P supermarket on Conwell Street and then for the new Chrysler Museum. James’s son, Warren, went into the excavation contracting business for himself in 1953. In 1985, he incorporated as Cape Cod Excavating. Eight years later, his son James W. Silva joined the company, which he now runs. The company was heavily involved in the reconstruction of St. Peter’s Church. • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2012-12-02

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