7 Cudworth Street

No picture yet.Like any rule of thumb, this one isn’t infallible — but it’s usually a safe bet that a house as modest as 7 Cudworth, built between 1850 and 1880, has a rich and uninterrupted history in the hands of a single family. Astonishingly, this property has belonged to four generations of the Leonard family, who have owned it since the late 19th century. Victor J. Leonard (d 1913), a carpenter, and his wife, Henrietta (Alves) Leonard bought the house in 1898 from Manuel Brazil.

Victor had come from São Jorge in the Azores, said his great-great-granddaughter, Susan Leonard, a prominent town historian. “He was known as a very skilled carpenter and I have found reference to him building the gazebo for the Pilgrim House,” Leonard told me in 2012. “I think he built a barn on Prince Street, at what is now Crowne Pointe. I have no way of proving it, but I thought he built the little house on Cudworth Street. … I suspect that we see a lot of his handiwork every day without knowing it.”

Henrietta transferred this property in 1930 to their son, William J. Leonard (±1887-1942), who was a carpenter and engineer at the Cape Cod Cold Storage, 125 Commercial Street. William married Josephine Willis Newcomb (±1890-1957), with whom he had a daughter, Leona, and two sons, Willis F. and Edward A. Leonard.

Leona married Stanley Batt and they acquired 7 Cudworth in 1946, passing it on in 1958 to her brother Willis and his wife, Josephine A. (Merrill) Leonard (b 1915). Josephine worked as a chambermaid — her own description — for many years.

Her daughter, Judith R. (Leonard) Osowski (b 1944) moved into 7 Cudworth in 1971 with her husband, Thomas C. Osowski (1941-2005), a commercial fisherman and assistant harbormaster in Provincetown. So you see? No. 7 Cudworth only looks simple from the outside. • Historic District Survey, 7 Cudworth (1) • Historic District Survey, 7 Cudworth (2) • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Updated 2012-12-17

6 thoughts on “7 Cudworth Street

  1. Just to clear up a couple of your details: Josephine didn’t have a brother named Stephen, she had a brother named Sherman who died in 2011. Also, Judith and her husband Thomas Osowski moved into the house in 1971. When or if I find out more information, I will leave another note.

  2. I have pics to add to this post on 7 Cudworth. William and Josephine Leonard (my gr gr parents) as well as Willis and Josephine Leonard (my gr parents).

  3. My grandparents Willis and Josephine Leonard with their children Judy, Doris, Joyce, and Anthony (the last generation of Leonards who were born in this house) lived at 7 Cudworth St. The house was built by my Great Great Grandfather Victor Leonard (1848-1913) who was an accomplished carpenter in Provincetown and was born on São Jorge Island, Azores with the name Victorino Jose Leonardo. The original handmade ladder which leads down to what was the root cellar is still there and well worn. You access it through a trap door in the kitchen. The original house was the kitchen living room area and the rest was added on later. Victor and Henrietta had 9 children (3 dying young). The homestead has remained in our family for almost 150 years since he built it for his new bride Henrietta (Henrequetta Adres) Alves (also born on São Jorge Island, Azores) whom he married in 1875. I also lived in the family homestead at one time and have the family pictures if you need them.

  4. Also, Leona and Stanley Batt (my great aunt and uncle) lived in the home behind 7 Cudworth. All of Willis and Josephine’s children were born in this house- the first being born in 1940.

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