73 Franklin Street

73 Franklin Street, Provincetown (2012), by David W. Dunlap.Amazingly, Francis J. Alves, the longtime town engineer, died in 2001 in the same house on Young’s Court in which he’d been born in 1907. For 40 intervening years, from 1937 to 1978, he lived here with his wife, Mary Eva “Winnie” (Wager) Alves (1907-1996). Unlike many town men of his generation, Alves continued his education after P.H.S. He attended Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute and was graduated in 1932 from Northeastern University with a degree in civil engineering. He was the town engineer more than 30 years, except for a stint with the Army’s 1395th Engineer Construction Battalion in the South Pacific during World War II. • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2012-12-30

2 thoughts on “73 Franklin Street

  1. My friend, Laurel Wimberg, bought this house from Francis Alves and lived there for many years. She put the garage/apartment addition on the house and expanded the living room, along with many other changes and improvements. She had a silk-screening business and beautiful gardens. She has since left town.

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