9 Cudworth Street

No picture yet.This house was constructed around 1875. For a time until 1981 this was the home of Richard J. Pereira (b 1950), the airport manager, and his wife, Regina (Jason) Pereira (1951-2009), who was an inspector for the Housing Assistance Corporation in Dennis at the time of her death. We met the Jason family at 11 Conwell Street. • Historic District Survey, main house • Historic District Survey, shed • Assessor’s Online Database ¶ Posted 2012-12-11

2 thoughts on “9 Cudworth Street

  1. Growing up at 7 Cudworth Street (Josephine Leonard is my grandmother), I remember this house belonged to Mr. (William?) and Mrs. Watts. I’m pretty sure Dickie and Gina Pereira bought it from them in the late 1970s.

    • Thank you and right you are: 9 Cudworth Street was home to William Watts (b ±1903), a gas station manager, and Bertha F. Watts (b ±1900), a housewife. The Watts Mobil Garage, presumably one and the same Watts, still stands — under the management of Tedeschi — at 137 Bradford Street.

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