15 Conant Street

15 Conant Street Condominium

Manuel V. Motta was born into this house on 6 November 1931. His mother was Delphine Motta (b ±1910) and his father was Frank V. Motta (b ±1905), a fisherman. His brothers were Francis J. (b ±1930) and Ronald (b ±1938). As a teenager, Manuel loved baseball and basketball. Just after his 17th birthday, he joined the Army. He attained the rank of corporal and was serving in the field artillery of the First Cavalry Division in Korea. On 9 October 1950, he wrote to his family, by then living on 120 Commercial Street, to let them know everything was fine. Four days later, he was killed in action. It is for Corporal Motta — the first Cape End victim of the Korean War — that the Manuel V. Motta Athletic Field is named.

In the early 1960s, the population of Provincetown included six Manuel Souzas. And three of them lived in this house, constructed around 1850, by account of the Historic District Survey. The oldest of the Manuel Souzas was born in Provincetown in ±1889 and worked as a fisherman. His wife, Francelena [?] (b ±1895), whom he married in 1910, had been born in São Miguel. Their daughter Lucille (b ±1913) married Manuel Souza (b ±1909), who was a foreman. Also at 15 Conant until 1963 was Manuel Souza Jr. (b ±1910), a fisherman. This is now a three-unit condo.

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