17 Conant Street

17 Conant Street Condominium

Except for the fact that Conant Street is so rich in Portuguese history, it might otherwise seem uncanny that the namesakes of two prominent wartime memorials — Louis Ferreira Square and the Manuel V. Motta Athletic Field — grew up in abutting houses. No. 17 was the home of Seaman First Class Louis Ferreira of the Coast Guard, who died of pneumonia at the naval hospital in Portsmouth, Va., during World War I. His parents were Manuel Ferreira (±1867-1936), a native of São Miguel in the Azores, and Julia (Cabral) Ferreira (d 1926). His name was given to “the Turn” of Commercial Street in the West End.

The main house at No. 17 was constructed between 1880 and 1890, according to the Historic District Survey. A handsome side cottage, now framed by a pretty little front yard with a high ornamental fence, was added in 1955, the Survey also says. In the 1950s, this was home to Mary F. Janoplis. It is now a three-unit condo.

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