50 Commodore Avenue

Marcey Oil Company tank terminal

The seven large tanks of the Marcey Oil Company are an incongruous sight in the otherwise residential Mayflower Heights-Beach Point area, but the presence of the company in this part of town goes back at least to 1939, when the Marcey Oil and Ice Company applied for a permit to store heating oil in two 5,000-gallon tanks. Edward “Marcey” Salvador (1914-1994), who had worked for the DeRiggs Ice Company at 194 Bradford Street, established his own ice and oil business in 1937.

Both he and his older brother, Christopher J. Salvador (b ±1913), were known as “Marcey.” Edward’s daughter, Nancy L. Stefani, told me in a 2009 interview that Marcey is a Portuguese diminutive that might roughly be translated as “strong boy.” Indeed, she said, her father was known for being able to lift a 50-gallon oil drum. His wife, Priscilla (Steele) Salvador (±1913-2001), was the co-owner and office manager of the oil company, whose headquarters were — and still are — at 37 Franklin Street, adjoining/within [?] the Salvadors’ home. Salvador bought the 50 Commodore property in 1958 for $1,000, according to the Assessor’s Online Database.

In 1946, the “Marcey boys” — as The Advocate referred to Christopher and Edward — took over operation of the Cape Cod Garage, 221-223 Commercial Street, where they sold Texaco gasoline and served as dealers for Chrysler, Plymouth and DeSoto (a Chrysler division until 1960). In their day, the business was known as the Marcey Brothers Cape Cod Garage. Christopher sold the property in 1963 to the Seamen’s Savings Bank, which built its current headquarters on the lot.

Today, the Marcey Oil Company is run by Jon E. Salvador (b 1964), as president, and his wife, Wendy Jo Salvador (b 1963), as vice president.

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