765 Commercial Street

Very large, by Provincetown standards, this 4,700-square-foot house was constructed in 1976 by Nicholas “Nicky” Wells (d 1985), a real estate developer, and his wife, the artist Ray Martan Wells (1908-2011). They are the namesakes of Nicky’s Park and of the Ray and Nicky Wells Conservation Area, and were the founders of the Mews restaurant, 359 Commercial Street. Ray Wells also helped establish the Provincetown Group Gallery. They sold the house in 1981 to Sonja R. Merkel, who sold it in 1984 to Albert and Annmarie Cohen, who sold it in 1992 to Donna Lee Hughes, who sold it in 2009 to Wiebe Tinga for $1.36 million. Tinga is the president of the U.S. and Canada division of the giant toymaker Hasbro.

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