777 Commercial Street

Built in about 1920, according to the assessor’s office, this cottage has long been in the hands of the Winstanley family. Dr. Nathan B. Winstanley Jr. (1919-2011) and his wife, Dr. Rosemarie (Montegani) Winstanley (±1930-2003) spent summers here. Nathan joined the Haloid Xerox company in Rochester, N.Y., and worked there 20 years, after which he served as a lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Rosemarie, a family and marriage counselor, headed the Allied Board of Mental Health for the Commonwealth from 1996 to 2000.

Their son Nathan Winstanley III of Lenox, Mass., now owns this property. His brother, Michael, of Alexandria, Va.., designed the distinctively modern house next door at 781 Commercial. This cottage was among almost a dozen buildings targeted in a string of arson attacks in the late fall of 2007. (Pru Sowers, “Beach Point Fire Declared Arson,” The Banner, 29 November 2007.)

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