838 Commercial Street

Mayflower Cottage | Studio 838

The westernmost house on the steep ridge of Mayflower Heights, No. 838 would warrant a Mayflower Avenue address were it not for a little neck of its property line on the Commercial Street roadbed, not unlike the New Hampshire seacoast. There, an old garage with a stylized American flag greets travelers. The main house and a smaller out building are way up there. The Mayflower was owned until 1937 by Ivan A. T. and Adele T. Centervall. They sold it to Margareta Brandt. She held on to it for almost 60 years, until 1996, when the artist Mariellen Serena bought it.

Serena, who has a master’s degree from Indiana University, works in a variety of media; perhaps most engagingly in what she calls “reclaimed” metal and wood, which she fashions into naïf objects, like Mini Diver, pictured above, which spins 360 degrees. “Being a scavenger,” she wrote, “my favorite places to find these materials are dumps, dumpsters and salvage yards. There’s no real rhyme or reason other than the passion to be creative.” Serena is represented by the Gail Browne Gallery.

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