863 Commercial Street

Five generations of the Hanscomb and Knott families have called this cottage their summer home. More than a century old, it is one of a cluster of Victorian-era gingerbread houses in a little settlement that was once known as Bangsville. (Another Bangsville existed closer to the center of town.) Jennie C. Hanscomb, the wife of George Sumner Hanscomb (d 1933), acquired this property in 1898 from Perez and Julia Bangs. Other members of the family associated with the house have included J. Rex Hanscomb and his wife, Helen S. Hanscomb; Paul C. Hanscomb (1905-1972) and his wife, Ruth Hanson (Jacobson) Hanscomb (d 1998); and her daughter, Eleanor Jacobson Knott and her husband, Richard C. Knott. Ms. Knott said in 2008 that her grandchildren were spending summers here, too. [Updated 2012-08-31]




4 thoughts on “863 Commercial Street

  1. My husband, Richard Knott, and I are the current owners of this property at 863 Commercial Street. Paul Hanscomb was my step father and was married to my mother, Ruth Hanson Jacobson Hanscomb who died in 1998. To my knowledge, Mary Hanscomb who was Paul’s first wife who died in 1944, never had any association with this property nor was she my mother. My husband and I acquired the property after the death of my mother, Ruth.

    I am curious as to where the information for this project comes from. Clearly it is not always correct.

  2. Greetings,

    My name is Kathryn Knott Stotler. My mother is Eleanor Knott, who owned the property at 863 Commercial Street until August 2017, when it was transferred to me.

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