876 Commercial Street

Bay View Cottage

Bay View is to Mayflower Heights as Grand View (676 Commercial) is to the East End: the dramatically situated “cottage” with a commanding bluffside presence and a deep porch to shelter those lucky enough to enjoy this shingled aerie. Bay View was constructed in 1875 and, at the turn of the 20th century, was owned by Anne L. Wood. It is one of several charming gingerbread cottages composing the old Bangsville enclave. [See the photograph with 863 Commercial.] Marion Dion Alves acquired the property in 1941 and held on to it for 20 years before selling it Charles Lieberman (1905-1987) of New York. Lieberman, in turn, transferred the property in 1985 to Dr. Arthur I. Geltzer and his wife Ellen Adele (Barth) Geltzer.

Dr. Geltzer is an ophthalmologist and retinal surgeon. His mother was Ruth Lieberman. Since 1998, he has owned the property with his wife Younghee Kim. A renovation by the designer Luigi Bianco included the creation of a koi pond. As of 2012, the property was on the market for $1.1 million, through Kinlin Grover Real Estate. ¶ Updated 2014-02-10




2 thoughts on “876 Commercial Street

  1. In reference to Bay View Cottage, 876 Commercial Street, the present owner and descendant of Ruth Lieberman is Arthur Geltzer M.D. who is an ophthalmologist and retinal surgeon and not an optometrist. Could you please make that correction before publication? Otherwise, the history is accurate and well done.

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