9 Conant Street

For seven decades, beginning in 1943, the Roderick and Colligan families have owned this home; the second in a remarkably cohesive row that begins with 7 Conant. The building was constructed around 1850, according to the Historic District Survey. Arthur J. Roderick (±1906-1967) and Mary P. (Bent) Roderick (±1906-2009) bought the property in 1943, and it passed to their daughter, Yvonne (Roderick) Colligan. Roderick was a trap fisherman for his entire working life, which ended suddenly early one Sunday afternon in November 1967 when he collapsed in a dory while repairing nets in a weir trap in the harbor. He was taken back to his boat, the renowned Charlotte G., which returned him to MacMillan Pier, where Dr. Daniel H. Hiebert pronounced him dead.

His parents were Virginia and John Roderick; hers were Joseph and Marianna (Cabral) Bent. “Mary P,” as she was known, lived to be 103 years old, having survived her sons Ronald Roderick and Irving R. Roderick (±1929-2002), a lobsterman.

5 thoughts on “9 Conant Street

  1. The Charlotte G was a dragger. The Charlotte was a trap boat, as well as the Carlotta, which was owned by Louis Cordeiro. I believe Henry Duarte operated the Charlotte G.

  2. Mary P. was a wonderful woman. She had what she would have called “cunnin’ hands,” i.e. she could do and make anything, and do it well.

    I was in her hooking class at the Community Center in the mid-1980s. The Portuguese women and the occasional washashore, like me, called ourselves the Provincetown Hookers. Mary P. was a model instructor: kind, supportive, happy to show you how to do anything, to lend or give you materials. She dyed and cut her own wool and could make half a dozen rugs over the course of the winter. Her home and garden were immaculate and full of the things she had made.

    I still miss her good sense, good cheer and community spirit.

  3. I think I rented a little cottage/garage that was in the backyard from Mrs. Roderick in the mid-1980’s.

    I was only 18, and she rented me her rose-covered garage, decorated with antiques and cast-offs, for $900 for the season. It’s one of my fondest memories of the best summer of my life. She was so nice and had a beautiful garden that bloomed all season long. She made me Portuguese kale and sausage soup and let my mother call her and leave messages and would reassure her I was O.K., because I had no phone.

    I’m so thankful for your site. I’m enjoying the memories. I’m trying to find the restaurant I worked at. Provincetown Steak and Lobster, I think. Was on the water had an attached hotel and cabaret — headliner was Rudy. Something? So fun. Thanks

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