±913 Commercial Street

Priscilla’s Restaurant and Snack Bar | Mayflower Heights Club

Capt. Warren Crawley, skipper of the trapboat Harbor Bar II, and his wife, Priscilla Crawley, operated Priscilla’s Restaurant and Snack Bar on the town line in the 1950s. David L. Mayo recalled Mrs. Crawley in this delightful anecdote he shared with me in 2012: “Our handyman at East Harbor Cottages, Tech Slade, used to bring me here for lunch as a treat now and again. Priscilla was quite a large woman who always wore a huge housedress and had interesting warts on her face. She always shocked me when passing me with my dessert ice cream cone, licking the perimeter carefully before handing it to me. Tech never reported that activity to my mother.”

When so many of today’s Beach Point condos were operated as transient motels, it’s easy to imagine a population out here that would have warranted a restaurant. The Crawleys also operated the Mayflower Heights Club, presumably from the same building.

Robert Stephan Mason of 11 Hobson Avenue told me in 2012 that his mother, Miriam Stephan Mason (b 1900), ran this place earlier, when it was known as Mason’s. She sold ice cream, sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. Then she sold the property to the Crawleys.

Priscilla’s didn’t have a street address (“On Route 6A — 100 yards from the beach” sufficed in those days), but I have found references indicating that the Crawleys owned property at Bay View Avenue, so I am tentatively locating the restaurant here, pending further information. ¶ Updated 2013-02-02

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