963 Commercial Street

Beach Point Club

Liz slept here. That Liz. In September 1957, with her third husband, the producer Michael Todd, who was to die six months later in the crash of his private plane, the only one of Elizabeth Taylor’s husbands whom she didn’t divorce. The Todds spent an evening at the Harbor Lights Village cottage colony as the guests of Thomas and May O’Donnell.

“Located on Cape Cod Bay with 200 feet of private sandy beach,” said the undated postcard pictured above. “There are eight housekeeping cottages and 14 without housekeeping facilities. Central heat. The housekeeping cottages accommodate four, five and six persons and all consist of two bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, completely equipped.”

Having lost little of its charm, Harbor Lights Village is now the Beach Point Club condo, many of whose owners continue to rent to guests. Unit 12, a two-bedroom, 440-square-foot cottage, was on the market in 2008 for $250,000. “Bittersweet,” it was aptly called.





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