493 Commercial Street

BayShore (West)

There were giants in town. Dr. Frederick S. Hammett (±1886-1953) was among them. Internationally known for his research in cellular growth — research aimed specifically at finding the possible causes and, by extension, the cure for cancer — Hammett was also a devoted Beachcomber, known for his remarkable outfits in the annual costume balls, and at one time the president of the Provincetown Art Association. This was his home. It was also home a decade later to Harold Goodstein. He commissioned the architect Donald Jasinski, designer of the remarkable Farfalla cottage at 236R Bradford Street (otherwise known as the “Mushroom House”), to renovate the building. The project won the admiring attention of House Beautiful magazine in 1967, especially for the staircase in the double-height living room, leading up to a loft bedroom.

As described in The Advocate, each step of the free-form sculpture served a purpose. “One, at the bottom, is a continuation of the modern sofa, close by. Another, extended, becomes a coffee table. Part of another step serves as an addition to the bar stools in front of the massive bar table — one end of which, incidentally, also serves as a step.” (“Cape End House Cited in Magazine,” The Advocate, 13 April 1967.) Goodstein acquired the adjoining property at 495 Commercial.

In the 1970s, this was known as the Hargood House Apartments. At some point, a connecting annex was built between No. 493 and No. 495, creating an arched portal that frames a spectacular view of the waterfront. It is now called BayShore and is managed by Ann Maguire and Harriet Gordon as part of a multi-site complex that includes 495 Commercial, Iota Cottage at 491 Commercial, the former HCE Gallery at 481 Commercial and 77 Commercial.




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