495 Commercial Street

BayShore (East)

Though the BayShore’s courtyard is private, an arched breezeway between 495 Commercial and 493 Commercial offers anyone who walks by a spectacularly framed glimpse of the harbor. Intended as such or not, it is a welcome little civic gesture, since the impulse to wall off the waterfront for private enjoyment runs strong. Then again, there has always been a strong upland-to-shoreline connection at this property, since it was once Brown’s Bathing Beach. (See 497 Commercial.) And this was Mary Brown’s rooming house. It is now managed by Ann Maguire and Harriet Gordon as part of a multi-unit complex that includes 493 Commercial, 490 Commercial, 481 Commercial and 77 Commercial.

2 thoughts on “495 Commercial Street

  1. This was my grandparents’ house. My mother was Elsie Brown.

    I wish I knew if any old letters were found in the basement when it was sold, as my grandfather, Albert Brown, had letters from his father, George Brown, down there. Or any old thing that someone found. I am just now finding out more about my great-grandfather and his history. Thank you.

    • Thank you. I hope someone reading this might be able to be helpful. I’ll pass on the contact information if anyone replies.

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