512 Commercial Street

Former Simeon C. Smith, Groceries and Provisions

One of Provincetown’s loveliest old storefronts — ornamented by some marvelous millwork including the sunburst brackets shown above — hasn’t housed a retail business for many years, though it still plainly conveys its history as a neighborhood gathering spot. More than a century ago, it was the grocery and provision store of Simeon C. Smith (1845-1921), who married Emily F. Atkins in 1871 and is buried in the old Gifford Cemetery.

Patricia Van Dereck operated a shop here in the early 1930s. In 1938, a business here advertised itself as “Provincetown’s Only Delicatessen,” but didn’t give a name. It was briefly Al’s Tailor Shop and then Souza Silver in the late 1940s, which also sold sandals, bags, belts and denim skirts. The property has been owned since 1946 by John J. Alexander and his estate.





One thought on “512 Commercial Street

  1. Written in concrete/cement at the front door is the word SOOZ, enclosed in a heart.

    My mother always said it was a shop owned by John Philip Sousa’s daughter. The shop part, yes. Not sure of the JPS part!

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