538 Commercial Street

Ye Olde Whaler Condominiums

A second look, perhaps a third, is required to pick out ye olde building at the heart of this small condominium complex. What might catch your eye is that gabled roof end on the rear building. Compare it to the picture above, taken in 1939. They’re one and the same.

This was once the home of Philip A. Whorf (1841-1916), who took his father’s property at Whorf’s Wharf and built a thriving fish processing business that employed about 130 men at its peak. By the 1930s, Johnny and Caroline Woods owned the house, which they called the Old Whaler, and rented rooms there. With the addition of smaller buildings on the large front lawn, the accommodation became a cottage colony by the mid-’50s known as the 1950s as the Old Whaler Village.


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