556 Commercial Street

Ethel Archer Ball ran her considerable real estate brokerage from here in the 1950s. Since 1983, this has been the home of Dr. Brian O’Malley and his wife, Dr. Wilsa Ryder, who practice together at Provincetown Medical Group, 30 Shank Painter Road. In 2007, the Massachusetts Medical Society named O’Malley one of 20 community clinicians of the year, noting that he has been “widely active in the community.” He has been chairman of the board of health and was, until 2011, medical director of Seashore Point and its predecessor, the Cape End Manor.

One thought on “556 Commercial Street

  1. S. Osborne Ball, Esq., husband of Ethel Archer Ball, ran his very colorful law practice from this building. His family had the Ballston Beach properties in Truro. Brilliant man yet quite eccentric. He would always write my father in the fall to report that he was taking his annual trip to the “Ball of Fame” — his hometown in Cooperstown, N.Y., signing the letter: S. Osborne Balls.

    His brother, Robert Ball, lived nearby in the present Michael/Gail Mazur house. Often seen hand-snipping his hedge with his head encased in a section of silk stocking. The Balls were terminally eccentric, yet wonderful!

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