557 Commercial Street

The soul of the Blessing of the Fleet is of course Provincetown Harbor. But its heart could at one time be found at 557 Commercial Street, where Clement S. Silva (±1927-2008) and his wife, Ursula (Quade) Silva — yes, that would be Clem and Ursie — gave an annual party that “began with a few family members and over the years grew to become a festival of its own with hundreds of guests,” as his obituary described it. (“Clement S. Silva, 81,” The Banner, 4 September 2008.) Silva was born to Margaret (Dutra) Silva and Arthur B. Silva. He served in the Navy during World War II, then fished on the Shirley & Roland and the Two C’s (later the Nancy & Ricky), after which he became an ambulance driver and a firefighter, rising eventually to the post of town fire chief. Clem and Ursie weren’t the proprietors of Clem & Ursie’s but its namesakes through their children Clement A. Silva and Debra J. Silva, who were.

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