584 Commercial Street

This remarkably intact Second Empire landmark, set off elegantly from Commercial Street, was the Kelley family home for at least two generations.

Levi Albion Kelley (±1862-1941) was born out on Long Point while the Civil War, in which his father served as an ensign, was raging to the south. He entered the United States Life-Saving Service in 1884 and was assigned to the Peaked Hill Bars Station, the one better known as Eugene O’Neill’s home. Kelley is shown at left, in his uniform, outside the station at the turn of the 20th century. “He is an expert boatman,” J. W. Dalton wrote in The Life Savers of Cape Cod, “and the life of a life saver has not the least terror for him. He followed the sea for a number of years as a fisherman and sailor, and became well accustomed to the hardships similar to those of a surfman before he joined the service.” After retiring from the Life-Saving Service, Kelley resumed fishing. He was a member of the Board of Trade and a director of the Provincetown Cold Storage Company, 363-365 Commercial Street. His wife, Lenora B. (Lewis) Kelley, remained at No. 584 until 1967, when she died at age 92. Their son, Albion E. Kelley (±1901-1970), owned the property. He worked in the Post Office for 46 years and served as assistant postmaster of Provincetown.




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