622 Commercial Street

When 622 Commercial was put up for sale in 1967, a classified notice in The Advocate said — in a lovely bit of over- and understatement — “Recently wholly restored by famous artist.” Well, yes. That would have been Robert Motherwell (1915-1991), who owned this house for 10 years. For much of that time, he was married to Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011). Besides the restoration project, which was already under way by 1961, Motherwell and Frankenthaler were known in the neighborhood for their white Fiat Jolly convertible, which they’d bought in Turin. The house was purchased in 2001 by the painter Cynthia Packard (b 1958), one of Anne Packard’s daughters, whose family lives across the street, at 621 Commercial, and who shows in the Packard Gallery, at 418 Commercial.

One thought on “622 Commercial Street

  1. Hatty Walker Heron (now Fitts) bought the house first and, I believe, sold it to Cynthia, who did a total renovation again. It had fallen into a major state of disrepair.

    I also remember Motherwell’s cars, which were always a subject of conversation — appeared to be a gauge of his continuing success. One of the final — if not the final — cars was a Rolls-Royce convertible. Not your Provincetown beach buggy!

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