641 Commercial Street

Before Edward Jemerin and his wife bought this property in 1970, the family of John W. “Jack” Kearney spent summers here. In 2012, Jill Kearney recalled: “It was a rattletrap house and I could see the sky through a gap in the wall. Provincetown in those days was utterly un-gentrified. I waitressed at Howard Johnson’s [350 Bradford] and wore that hideous green checked suit to work. The Jemerins later renovated the house and rebuilt it from the ground up.”

2 thoughts on “641 Commercial Street

  1. Before the Kearneys rented, the house was owned by a rather attractive blonde woman, Nancy Anderson, and her mother and plain sister. Of course, I was madly in love with the blonde, who was prone to color everything pink and wear a very abbreviated polka dot bikini. At one point, I asked Ms. Bikini why they seemed to disappear late afternoon every day and she volunteered that they were too drunk on martinis to do anything else!

    Ione and Hudson Walker lived next door and when the Park Avenue Jemerins bought and completely renovated the house there was a bit of a controversy about the design, by our own George Bryant (architect when he wasn’t cutting meat at Bryant’s Market). He made the Jemerin deck “taller” than that of the Walkers, thus obscuring the Walker view — which did not set well with Ione.

  2. The Kearneys continued to rent from the Jemerins after 1970 until the beginning of the renovation by Bill Fitts, Hudson and Ione Walker’s son in law.

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