742 Commercial Street

Built in 1958, this 2,500-square-foot house was owned until 1987 by Dr. Leonard H. Alberts. [See David Mayo’s comment.]

2 thoughts on “742 Commercial Street

  1. Originally built by Deola (Cross) and Tom Francis as her “dream house” — everyone in town thought they were crazy to build in such an isolated (then) location. Her sister married Powell Murchison (son of Carl and Dorotea) and inherited the property at his death.

    Deola and Tom Francis had one child, a son, Thomas. A very fastidious young man and bachelor, closely connected to his aunt who inherited the Murchison land. Upon her death, he inherited it all. I always remember Deola saying, “There are no flies on my Thomas” — the ultimate understatement. Thomas sold it to the most recent owner.

  2. Actually, I purchased this property in 1987 from Deola Francis, and lived there until 2007, when it was sold.

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