237 Commercial Street

Whaler’s Wharf

After the devastating 1998 fire, a project was undertaken to rebuild Whaler’s Wharf — or rather, to build a new and larger commercial structure of the same name at 237 Commercial Street. The developers worked with Ginny Binder of Binder Boland Associates. The design was clearly intended to evoke the monumental central arch of the 1919 Provincetown Theatre. The interior was a kind of last-gasp homage to the Festival Marketplace multilevel urban shopping arcade. But the size of the building turned out to be a matter of considerable controversy. And it’s worth asking how attractive a modern shopping mall can be when Commercial Street beckons outside.

Current tenants at Whaler’s Wharf include the Whaler’s Wharf Cinema, Helltown Workshop, Ross’ Grill, RC Jewelry, Henry Philips Gallery, Wanderlust Photo Gallery, Provincetown Graphics, Lucky 7 Massage, Venture Athletics, Nut House, Tom Johnson Photo Gallery, Labyrinth Artisan and Christof’s Fine Jewelry.







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